Gorda Springs Resort 

Big Sur, California

Family owned and operated, Gorda Springs Resort is a town unto itself, with lodging, dining, gas, a general store and gift shop, and a deli and espresso bar. Everything but a sheriff...


Costanoan and Esalen Indian tribes lived along the coast, fishing and hunting in the bountiful Los Padres National Forest. Gorda was first settled in 1878 as a stage coach stop in between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara to the south, and the Monterey Peninsula to the north. The Gorda and Los Burros gold mines were productive for years.


Built after the opening of Highway 1, Gorda Springs Resort has been a way station for travelers for more than 60 years and the host for countless weddings, honeymoons, family reunions, and weekend getaways. 


Most of our employees live on site and take great pride in providing you with a fun, memorable experience, from delicious meals to waterfalls and gardens, we want every flower in bloom and every customer satisfied with their stay.